January 21, 2019

Delta State of Village to Council and residents,

With a very successful 2018 now behind us, I am extremely confident 2019 can be another exceptional year for our community.

The success of efforts to grow and enhance local employment opportunities and attract new business partners is being recognized with the increase in income tax collections. 2018 was again our most prosperous year collecting $1,028,000.00. This represents an annual increase now totaling more than $200,000.00 over the 2013 collections of $822,000.00.

These increased revenues allow the village to provide services such as unlimited trash pickup and sidewalk improvement assistance. Council has also supported the implementation of a resurfacing program addressing our streets.  In 2019 we again will have the unlimited pickup. Plans are in place to expand and promote our sidewalk program We will also be resurfacing the entire length of Monroe Street. I am extremely proud to be able to say, Delta has achieved the financial position that now allows us to address some of the areas and issues we have been forced to neglect for years.

2019 will be a year of restructuring how we communicate and inform the community. Although I haven’t embraced social media and the communication styles of today’s technologies, I do acknowledge the need to change. As a result, you will be seeing a totally reworked website soon with regular updates and postings. Facebook will also be one of our most active and up to date forms of media available to the public.

With the new year the village has initiated the process of creating a community master plan. The vision is to identify areas, issues and services that need updating, enhancing or creating. One of the goals for this administration in 2019 will be to determine how Delta can take advantage of the Wabash Cannonball Bike Trail connecting Maumee, Waterville and the greater Toledo area to Delta, with the extension of the paved bike path being constructed from the Lucas County line to St. Rt. 109 by 2020.

It is a goal I have for this community to safely connect Downtown Delta to this pedestrian and cyclist friendly 66-mile corridor.

As we begin this new year, we do so with the anticipation that we will continue to expand and advance our partnerships with both existing and new businesses.

As part of our commitment to insuring the success of the growing business community, we are working to promote new housing opportunities that will meet the needs of young and old alike. We will again pursue the creation of an electric utility that achieves the needs of industry while addressing the desires of the residential users. This effort will focus on industrial customers specifically within the 109 Industrial Corridor. This revised initiative will exclude residential areas of the village, which follows the direction and input received during the public meetings held in October of last year to consider the issue. I continue to believe this will be a profitable benefit to the village and our industrial business partners, which can be a positive sales tool and financially rewarding.

I remain committed to the pursuit of our village slogan “THE COMMUNITY OF OPPORTUNITY” as we begin 2019 in Delta!

Best wishes of success,
Dan Miller,