April 28, 2020

To: Administration Staff
Mayor Gilbert
Village Council Members

From: Brad Peebles, Village Administrator

RE: Opening of Village Hall to Public for business

With the Governor relaxing the Stay at Home Order announcing offices can reopen beginning Monday, May 4, 2020. Village Hall will be open for business with the following restrictions as recommended by the State of Ohio:

1) We will continue to promote the use of payment drop box services, payments made online, as well as conducting as much business as possible via
our website and email.
2) Anyone entering the building to conduct business MUST wear facial covering.
3) Signs will be posted at both entrances of Village Hall indicating this practice, noting that anyone without a mask will be requested to leave
the building.
4) Staff must also comply with this requirement, understanding the measure is intended to protect both the employee and the customer.
5) The village has been notified that we will receive 2 cases of N-95 masks within the next 2 weeks. Should any employee desire to have an N95 mask
in leu of the homemade masks donated please advise this office, a limited supply may be available to us.

All indications are that this practice will remain in effect for the next few months. EVERYONE must remain vigilant about washing and sanitizing your hands and work spaces regularly.