Dear Delta Residents

Throughout the spring/summer we will be initiating isolation tests of the water mains.  We are completing isolation tests to confirm which valves supply water to areas of future repairs and identify valves that do not function properly.  This will cause depressurization that can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.  The days this scope of work could happen are Monday thru Thursday.  Hours of completion will be 9am to noon.   Only one isolation will happen in any given week.  This does not account for any unforeseen emergency repairs or planned distribution repairs.  Emergency repairs can happen at any given time day or night.

We will not be pre-notifying anyone unless you are considered a critical user* or a place of business.  During these tests it is not known who and how many residents will be affected.  If we are successful in isolating, the Ohio EPA requires we issue a boil advisory notice and collect a specific amount of special purpose total coliform samples based on the total amount of service connections affected.  Most of the language in the boil notice is required and MUST be included.  If you do not receive a notice, you were not affected.  Knowing not everything goes as planned, if you are certain you were affected by a depressurization and did not receive a notice, please contact the water plant immediately using the contact information below.  Notices will be brightly colored and be taped or placed inside of a screen door that looks used often.  Once the special purpose total coliform sample results are deemed safe, a boil advisory lift notice will be taped or placed inside of a screen door that looks used often.  Depending on the analysis of these samples, boil advisories typically last 2-4 days.

If you were notified of a depressurization you can expect future work to happen in your area within 2-3 weeks.  You will be notified at a minimum of 1 week before the work will be completed.  This will give the affected area time to prepare for the 4-to-12-hour shutdown.  This type of notice does not account for emergency situations.

Any type of disruption of a utility is very inconvenient, but necessary.  Doing the isolation testing is saving the village water department thousands of dollars per planned repair or maintenance.  Those saved thousands will ensure that more distribution repairs and maintenance can be completed in any given budget year.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Jammie Flores

Water Superintendent

O:  419-822-4143

C:  419-764-0378


* If someone in your facility or household has a medical condition that always makes it Critical to have water, please use the contact information listed above and you will be added to our critical water users list.   Please know that the inclusion on this “critical water user” list is not a guarantee of notification – as some water emergencies may occur without warning.