From the Chief

I am honored and pleased to serve as the Police Chief in the Village of Delta. It is a great opportunity to serve this growing Village. The residents of Delta are very enthusiastic about their quality of life, and my goal is to help the community build on this enthusiasm and continue to move forward.

Being a part of the team of passionate professionals at the Village of Delta is a gratifying feeling. Our police department also consists of motivated and dedicated women and men who strive to serve our community by putting the community first. Currently, the department is working towards obtaining accreditation from the Ohio Collaborative, which will ensure accountability and instill greater public confidence. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the community we serve.  The accreditation will offer several benefits to the community, such as:

  • Ensures sustainable solutions to build strong relationships with their communities.
  • Builds a foundation of solutions and tools.
  • Provide law enforcement with the resources they need to build and sustain a healthy police culture.
  • Provides a basis for our performance and enhances operations.
  • Promotes consistency in the application of policies which helps to promote public confidence.

These standards are also effective risk management tools for potentially preventing and reducing loss in professional liability claims.

Our Police officers work while wearing full uniforms and operate marked police vehicles. Their day-to-day work includes handling routine reports as well as life-threatening dangerous situations. Besides answering calls for service, our police officers proactively seek out and suppress criminal activity. They regularly participate in traffic enforcement, community problem-solving activities, assisting citizens in improving the quality of life in the village, and various other law enforcement functions. We have a Focus-Based Policing philosophy that encourages them to think creatively and use fresh ideas to solve problems, focusing on outcomes rather than outputs.

We provide information to the public through various mediums, including our website. However, it’s important to remember that our website and social media sites allow for two-way communication. We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions with us through these channels, as we value your feedback.

If you would like to meet with me outside of one of our scheduled meeting times, please contact me at or call me at (419) 822-3232 to schedule a meeting.

If your organization is interested in scheduling a BREW with the BLUE meeting with the Village Police Officers and Administration, we can arrange that. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with you and I appreciate your dedication and service to the community of the Village of Delta.

Chiefs Past and Present

Ernest Brown 
October 18, 1965 – September 1, 1972

Robert Taylor Jr.
September 1, 1972 – 1996

Dan Nichols
1996-November 13, 2000

Garry Chamberlin
December 18, 2000 – December 31, 2010

Richard Sluder
January 1, 2011 – October 1, 2013

Nathan E. Hartsock
October 1, 2013 – July 16, 2023

Robert Austin
August 29, 2023 – Present