Welcome to Delta

The Village of Delta, Ohio, would like to welcome you to our official website. Whether you are a long time resident or just a visitor to our area, we hope that your stay here will be pleasant and relaxing while you enjoy the beauty of the Northwest Ohio area, the rich history of the region, and the friendly people of our village.

Thank you for your interest in Delta, Ohio!

New to Delta?

Here is some information that you may find helpful of some of the services provided and requirements necessary for your smooth transition.

Water Deposit

A $100 deposit for homeowners and $200 for rental properties is required for all new water users. This will be applied to your final bill. Water bills are mailed by the 5th of each month with the due date of the 21st unless it falls on the weekend. A 10% penalty will be posted after the due date. Any delinquent balance is due on the 9th or service will be terminated on the 10th of each month with a reconnect fee of $50. A $25 charge will be assessed if our department is at your residence and the water is not turned off.

We now offer ACJ withdrawals for water bills. Applications are available upon request. You may register and manage your account online under online payments.

Trash & Recycling

Archbold Refuse Service picks up trash on Tuesday of every week. Tags must be purchased from the clerk’s office, Community Market, or First Federal. The tags must be attached to each bag. A pack of ten tags currently costs $25. You may use up to 30-gallon trash bags, each containing a tag. Recyclables are picked up free of charge at the curb on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Materials include newspapers, plastics (#1 and #2), steel, and aluminum. There is to be no glass. These items must be in an open-top container and do not have to be sorted. Bags will not be accepted. You may contact Archbold Refuse Service at 419-445-5391. You may not use a private collection service. Some holidays affect pick-up by one day and can be seen on our calendar or by contacting ARS Refuse for holiday collections questions.


***Large items may be disposed of by use of large colored tags available from the Clerk’s office for $5.50  and $10.50 depending on the item to be disposed of ***

Brush & Limb Pick-Up

This takes place on the 2nd Monday of each month from April to October. Please no dead flowers or garden refuse, only bush and limbs. If a holiday falls on a Monday, the next day will start the pick-up. Please stack with cut wends in the same direction. The brush policy is available upon request. Trees removed by property owners or outside contractors will not be accepted. Please reference our calendar for pick-up dates.

Building Permits

Permits are required for all dimensional changes and new construction, fences, signs, pools, etc. Information may be obtained from the Zoning Administrator at 419-822-5300

Voter Registration

You may obtain a form at the clerk’s office to register and it will be sent to the County Election Board.


  • Spectrum offers telephone and internet service 800-617-4311
  • Toledo Edison 800-447-3333
  • Ohio Gas 800-331-2176
  • Windstream 800-347-1991

Income Tax

Delta has a 1.5% income tax with mandatory filing. The Village allows 1% credit for taxes paid to other cities. Tax forms are due by April 15. Anyone with a tax liability exceeding $200 per year is required to file and pay quarterly estimated payments. The estimates are due April 15, July 15, October 15, and December 15