Zoning Code Enforcement

Why Do Villages Have Zoning Code Enforcement?

Neighborhood safety is of utmost importance. Nuisance codes are put in place to address issues like dead trees, tall grass, fire hazards, fences requiring repair, and other maintenance concerns that can pose health and safety risks. These codes help mitigate the risks and create standards. When someone chooses to reside in such a community, they are obligated to follow the codes. The Village of Delta enforces these codes by monitoring all areas, especially for seasonal issues. The appearance of properties affects their value, and the residents have emphasized the need for enforcement in our community.

The Village of Delta responds to complaints and proactively patrols the Village daily to address code violations. 95% of residents respond to code enforcement notices voluntarily.



Our objective is to develop effective solutions that will have a positive and enduring impact on the public’s trust in the vitality of our Village. We aim to transform the Village of Delta into an attractive destination for residents, visitors, and businesses to invest their time, effort, and resources.

Here is the typical process that the Village follows to handle a case:

Complaint Received: If a resident files the complaint or if an Officer observes a violation, it will be addressed accordingly.

Complaint Recorded: Once the complaint is received, it is recorded and assigned a unique case number for tracking purposes.

Complaint Assigned: The case is assigned to an Officer.

Inspection: An inspection is usually carried out within 48 hours.

Contact: If a violation is found, the officer will contact the property owner to request voluntary compliance in addressing the complaint.

Notice of Violation: If the violation is not resolved voluntarily, a Notice of Violation will be issued. The property will be re-inspected upon expiration of complete by date.  

Non-Compliance: If the violation remains, further enforcement may result in a summons, show cause hearing or abatement.  

Results: In the end, the results benefit the neighborhood.

If you have received a notice, have any concerns, or want to file a complaint please contact any Delta Police Officer:

At (419) 822-3232 or you can contact the Village of Delta at (419) 822-3190