Wastewater Plant

The Delta wastewater treatment facility was constructed in 1989. With major upgrades completed in 2009 costing $2.5 million and 2017 totaling $6 million the plant has a capacity to treat 725,000 gallons per day on average and peak treatment capability of 4,050,000 gallons per day. The most recent improvements to the facility include the construction of a 5-million-gallon overflow basin designed to retain combined storm water and sanitary sewer during heavy rain events. This EPA mandated project has successfully prevented any discharge of untreated sewage into the local drainage waterways.

Contact Information

Wastewater Department

Superintendent: Christopher Maier
Email: cmaier@villageofdelta.org

Delta Wastewater Plant
516 Locust Street
Delta, Ohio 43515

Phone: 419.822.3190 option.7
Fax: 419.822.3837