Application Process “What to Expect”

The Application Process is designed to assist the applicants and their families in preparing for the hiring process of the Delta Police Department. It includes information about the steps involved, guidance on completing the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ), and assistance with any medical exams. Our goal is to help you succeed and meet the Department’s standards and expectations. We are committed to your success and will do everything we can to help you achieve your goal.

Application Process:

The application process for a Delta Police Officer position consists of the following steps:

  • The applicant must meet all minimum qualifications for the position
  • The applicant must provide a letter of interest with a resume outlining previous law enforcement experience and training before the due date.
  • A Structured Panel Interview with the qualified applicants will be scheduled. The interview will be administered by the Chief of Police with a list of standard questions. The applicant’s answers to these questions are rated by the interview team members.
  • From the Panel interview an eligibility list is created.
  • A Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) packet is provided to the top applicants who appear on the eligibility list. This includes authorization releases for a background check and a deadline date for the return of the PHQ. Failure to return the PHQ will result in automatic rejection.
  • Background Investigation will be conducted on All applicants who returned the PHQ. The PHQ is used as a source of information to begin this process.
  • Once the Background Investigation is complete, the PHQ is evaluated by assigning negative points.
  • Applicants who are not rejected will receive a final interview from the Interview Panel.
  • The applicants that are selected for hire will be provided to the Mayor and Council for approval.
  • Once the applicants are approved a Conditional offer of employment is offered. A Medical Examination may be required. The medical examination standards are set by the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Board. Applicants applying for a Part-Time position must complete the required Village of Delta medical examination.


A Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) Information/Documents Required for Police Officer Applicants



You will be required to provide basic information about yourself including, but not limited to, your name and any aliases, nicknames, maiden names, etc., address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, driver license information, and marital status.


You will be required to provide contact information for relatives such as your parents, stepparents, siblings, stepsiblings, in-laws, nonmarital partner, spouse and/or former spouse, etc. Ensure you have updated phone numbers, physical addresses, and e-mail addresses for these individuals so the investigator may contact them.


You will be required to provide contact information for five personal references. Do not list personal references that you are including on other questionnaires such as coworkers, supervisors, relatives, etc. Ensure you have updated phone numbers, physical addresses, and

E-mail addresses for these individuals so the investigator may contact them.


All transcripts from every high school and every college you have attended are required. You must contact each institution and request an official sealed transcript.

If you obtained your GED or equivalent, ensure you have these documents.

  • Official (Sealed and Signed) High School Transcript(s)/GED/Equivalency
  • Official (Sealed and Signed) College Transcript(s)
  • Diploma(s)
  • Vocational Certificate(s)
U.S. Citizenship/Age Verification

Only one of the below citizenship documents is needed. The proof submitted shall meet one of the requirements below.

  • Birth Certificate, or
  • US Passport, or
  • Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization
Social Security
  • Signed Social Security Card (Copy)
Other Documentation

Any additional documents not located under the above title headers.

Examples: Professional Licenses. This includes a security guard license or any other professional license or permit you possess, that you believe is relevant to the position you have applied.

Business Tax Documents. Forms 1065 and Schedule K-1, for any LLC, LLP, corporation, sole proprietor, or other business entity that you have ownership in, or had ownership in, within the last ten years.

Other: Any other documents you believe may be located during the background investigation process, or documents showing your skills, abilities, etc., that you would like the agency to be aware of.

Birth Certificate

Must be a certified copy. You can try your local health department or you can find instructions online on how to obtain your certified birth certificate by going to the following website: request a copy immediately, as it may take weeks to receive through the website.

U.S. Passport or Naturalization documentation

A valid US passport issued by the State Department has “the same force and effect as proof of United States citizenship as certificates of naturalization.


You will be required to provide information regarding your residence history for the last 10 years, or since age 15. Ensure you have accounted for all necessary information about each residence. If you reside or reside in an apartment, ensure you list the unit number and building number if applicable. If you do not currently remember, you will want to either contact the apartment complex or visit the complex to obtain this information. If your residence history includes a military base, identify the name of the base in the address, nearest Village, county, state, and zip code. For any residence leased or rented, ensure you have the appropriate property manager or landlord contact information.


You will be required to provide information regarding your employment and volunteer history. All jobs and volunteer assignments you have held since age 15 shall be listed. If applicable, ensure you have appropriate contact information for each employer, human resources office, supervisor, and coworkers.


You must provide all prior applications you have submitted to every law enforcement agency, correctional facility, 911 dispatch agency, or other public safety and criminal justice agency. You must list all, regardless of date, current status, or outcome.

Court Documents

This includes all documents in all courts where you have been named, regardless of your role in the incident. You are responsible for obtaining and providing the documents from the courts. Your background investigator will conduct multiple searches to verify you have provided all court documents you have been named in.

You must provide information regarding police reports you have been named in, or referred to, by all law enforcement agencies in which you were either a victim, suspect, person of interest, or similar. If you have previously worked as a law enforcement officer or similar, do not provide reports mentioning your legitimate, official duties in a non-negative manner. Your background investigator will complete multiple searches to verify you have provided all reports you have been named in.

  • Traffic/Criminal/Civil Documents
  • Child Custody/Adoption Documents
  • Name Change Documents
  • Concealed Carry Permit/License
  • Bankruptcy Documents

You will be required to provide a headshot and images of any tattoos you possess as part of the submission process

Selective Service

If you are required by law to register with the Selective Service System, you must provide proof you have registered. You can print your record online by visiting the website and clicking the “Check Registration” button. Proof of registration shall consist of:

Military History
  • DD-214 Long Form, if applicable (Member 4 Copy or Service 2 Copy)
Marital Status

If you have been married, a copy of your marriage certificate for each marriage (usually available from the county registrar) must be provided.

  • Marriage Certificate(s)

For any marriages dissolved, a copy of the final dissolution/annulment order for each marriage dissolved must be uploaded. These shall be the official papers granting the dissolution of marriage (if divorced), not just that the paperwork has been filed.

  • Divorce/Court Documents
Driver's License
  • Driver License (Copy of Card)
Vehicle Information
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Vehicle Insurance (Policy)

You will be required to provide information regarding at least 4 of your immediate (closest in proximity) neighbors. Contact your neighbors and ensure the information you have is accurate. Inform the neighbor he or she may be contacted by email, mail, or phone.

Delta Police Department Policy: 


Note: All timeframes begin from the last date of accepted applications for Entry-Level or Lateral Entry Police Officers by the Village of Delta.

Disqualifying (No Time Limit)
  1. Failure to appear/complete any step in the hiring process.
  2. Failure to disclose any material information or having omitted any requested material information by the completion of the investigative process.
  3. Having cheated or lied during any step of the application, selection, and hiring process.
  4. Conviction of a felony.
  5. Conviction of the sale of narcotics or other controlled substances.
  6. Conviction of, admission to, the existence of probable cause of any section of ORC 2907: Sex Offenses.
  7. Conviction of a sex offense as defined in ORC 2901.
  8. Currently registered as a sex offender, child victim offender, or arson offender.
  9. Conviction, indictment or otherwise charged with a violation of OC 2903.14 (Negligent Assault).
  10. Conviction of vehicular homicide, leaving the scene, a license revocation, or suspension on more than two (2) occasions.
  11. Any person who has paid or accepted a bribe to cover or hide a crime.
  12. Receiving a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge from the military.
  13. Failure to provide for family/dependents.
  14. Conviction of domestic violence, spousal or child abuse, violation of TPO/CPO.
  15. Substantiated information that could demonstrate bias or be used for impeachment by the defense, which is referred to as Brady-Giglio material (officer integrity, untruthfulness, issues related to credibility).
Disqualifying (With Time Limit)
  1. Disclosure and/or an established pattern of alcohol, drug abuse, or illegal gambling within 24 months.
  2. Any person under indictment or otherwise charged under ORC 2925: Drug Offenses; 3719: Controlled Substances; or 4729: Dangerous Drugs, that involves the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, or distribution of or trafficking in a drug of abuse the candidate is convicted of the offenses listed above, they are disqualified for a three (3) year period.
  3. Any person under indictment or otherwise charged with a misdemeanor offense of violence (excluding domestic violence)-if convicted, disqualified for three (3) year period.
  4. Any person with a conviction or guilty to an offense under ORC 2913: Theft and Fraud, or a municipal ordinance that is substantially similar-disqualification for a three (3) year period.
  5. Use of marijuana within 1 year.
  6. Use of any illegal drug (except marijuana) within 24 months.
  7. Conviction of an OVI within 24 months of the application date, or reduced similar offense within 12 months of the application date (see below for additional factors).
  8. A determination of not qualified on a psychological exam within the past six (6) months.
  9. Any of the below set by Village of Delta insurance carrier within the past 3 years:
  10. 3 moving violations
  11. 2 at-fault traffic crashes
  12. Combination of 2 or more moving violations and 1 at-fault traffic crash
  13. Refusal to submit to a blood alcohol or breathalyzer test
  14. Reckless operation
  15. Current license suspension or revocation
  16. Felony violation involving the use of a motor vehicle
  17. Hit & Run (Hit-Skip) violation
  18. Fleeing/eluding a police officer
  1. Current accumulation of six (6) or more points of the applicant’s driver’s license.
  2. Poor employment history, including termination, resignation in lieu of discharge, poor attendance, poor quality of work, inability to get along with, supervisors, and co-workers, and poor disciplinary record.
  3. Conviction or admission of a job-related misdemeanor within the last five (5) years.
  4. Conviction or admission to the use of prescription medication not prescribed to the candidate.
  5. Conviction of assault/disorderly conduct.
  6. Termination or resignation in lieu of termination from another public safety agency.
Ohio Collaborative Hiring Standards and the Village of Delta Equal Opportunity Employment

The goal of every Ohio law enforcement agency is to recruit and hire qualified individuals while providing equal employment opportunities. Ohio law enforcement agencies should consist of a diverse workforce. Communities with diverse populations should strive to have a diverse workforce that reflects the citizens served.

Non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity are the policy. The Village of Delta and Delta Police Department shall provide equal terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, veteran status, military status, or disability. This applies to all terms or conditions associated with the employment process, including hiring, promotions, terminations, discipline, performance evaluations, and interviews.

The Delta Police Department will utilize due diligence in ensuring that their perspective employees have the proper temperament, knowledge, and attitude to handle this very difficult profession. The Department will ensure that appropriate mechanisms are in place to achieve this mission. The Department, in concert with the Village of Delta, will ensure employment requirements are related to the skills that are necessary to be a successful employee.

The Village of Delta and Delta Police Department will adhere to the Ohio Collaborative Community- Police Advisory Board standards as set forth above relating to the recruitment and hiring of police personnel.

The Village of Delta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Additional Considerations

Lateral-Entry Ranking: There will be no ranking of lateral applicants on a Lateral Entry List. A Lateral Entry List shall remain open for an indefinite period not to exceed one (1) year.

Probationary Period: The probationary period for new officers shall be from the date of hire until 192 days worked after they have completed their field training program. A day worked shall be at least 8 hours worked in 24 hours. Hours worked on light duty will not count toward completing their probationary period.

Seniority: Seniority for promotion and other purposes within the Village shall be based on the date of hire with the Village of Delta as a Police Officer.

Eligibility for Promotion: Eligibility for promotion to Sergeant is after two years of service with the Delta Police Department as a Police Officer.

Prior Service Time and Vacation Accruals: All full-time Police Division employees with prior full-time public service in the State of Ohio may, upon certification of such service, count their prior full-time service time in computing their total length of service for vacation accrual purposes. 

The Village of Delta is accepting applications for Lateral-Entry Police Officers on an ongoing basis. Applications remain on file, not to exceed one (1) year, from the date received by the Village of Delta.

The information can be sent to the Village of Delta by using any of the following methods:

  • Mail to: Delta Police Department, 421 Fernwood Avenue, Delta, Ohio 45515
  • Deliver the completed and signed documents in person to the Delta Police Department at the same address listed above
  • Email to
  • Fax (419) 822-0305

Thank you for your consideration and for applying for the position of police officer with the Delta Police Department. If you have any questions please contact Chief Robert Austin, for the Village of Delta at (419) 822-3232,, or Sergeant DC. Walker at