Village of Delta Police Benefits

Salary Range:

The Annual Pay is $48,505.60 to S64,313.60.

New hires start at the pay step provided by the Village of Delta salary range based upon full-time police experience.

       Cell Phone Reimbursement:      

Village of Delta will reimburse a percentage of your monthly cell phone bill.

 Compensatory Time:

Up to 160 hours per year carry over 40 hours.

 Uniform Allowance:

After the initial issue, there is a yearly allowance of $575 for equipment and uniforms.

 Shift Differential Pay:

$1.50 per hour from 5:00 pm to 7:00 am or if you are assigned to the weekend shift from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. hours

 Longevity Pay:

Must serve Full-time with the Village of Delta Police Department:

10 years = $0.40 per 2080 hours = $832.00

15 years = $0.55 per 2080 hours = $1144.00

20 years = $0.70 per 2080 hours = $1456.00

25 years = $0.85 per 2080 hours = $1765.00

30 years = $1.00 per 2080 hours = $2080.00

 11 Paid Holidays:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.


After 1 year = 80 hours

After 8 years = 120 hours

After 15 years = 160 hours    

After 22 years = 200 hours

Cash out 50% of vacation time after the first year and you have used 50%

 Sick leave:

10 hours per month = 15 days per year

Accrued sick time from a law enforcement agency is transferable.

Personal Business Days:

20 hours per year

 Life Insurance:

25,000 term life and 25,000 AD&D coverage are provided by the village of Delta for full-time employees only.

 Medical Insurance:

Family Deduction 6% = $107.94/month

Single Deduction 0% = $0.00/month

If opting out of insurance = $300.00/month stipend

Medical insurance starts the first month of insurance.

 Medical Clients:

Includes access to free exclusive clinics with their pharmacy in multiple areas

Archbold, Bryan, Defiance, Napoleon, Wauseon

 Health Reimbursement:

Family = maximum reimbursement of $3000.00/year

Single = maximum reimbursement of $2000.00/year

 Vision Insurance:

The village covers 100% of premiums.

 Dental Insurance:

Family deduction = 50% $62.00/month

Single deduction = 50% $22.50/month

 Supplemental insurance:

Options available


Employee pays 12.25% and Employer pays 19.5%

 Tax Deferred Savings:

Ohio Deferred Compensation

 This is not a job offer. The Village of Delta may alter, change, and omit any/all of the above benefits.